Creativity Unearthed

~excavating art from everything~


Originally published 2016  Chaco Canyon         Image copyright Heather Clement Davis 2009  Storyteller An Archaeologist spends her days in the pit, knees and earth meeting in a grinding, soft communion. The dry windswept canyon blistering in the summer... Continue Reading →


Welcome to an exploration of creativity

Originally published in 2009: Chaco Canyon at sunset, 2009 Photograph by Heather Clement Davis The first thing that comes through your mind upon arrival here is: "What exactly IS Creativity Unearthed?"  I have spent many years studying the remnants of human material... Continue Reading →

A Slow Return

  I have spent a blissful five years connecting and forming bonds with my baby boy, whom now does not need to hold my hand as much. I am now in the current time of resettling, creating a home, and... Continue Reading →

Creativity Unearthed

The lands are shifting. The maps are moving. The Center Place is nearing. Words shall be written anew. Keep watching for blossoms in the mud.

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